About Us

Our story began during a trip to Paris in May of 2016. Priscilla Lubin, the founder of MatchYourVibe and her boyfriend at that time were spending their very first holiday together. Both he and she are very into fashion and pay close attention to their appearances. Before choosing an outfit for the day, he would religiously ask her what she was planning to wear so that they could coordinate their colour and style choices. Priscilla absolutely loved the idea of creating and coordinating matching outfits.


This curiosity caused her to do some online research to find a website that could be designed and offered matching outfits for couples. Unfortunately, she could only find websites that offer cheesy, untrendy, and awkwardly obvious matching outfits. She was looking for fashionable, classy, and modern matching outfits that complimented the couples who chose to wear them. It was from here that the Matchyourvibe journey started.


Our mission is to provide trendy matching outfits that are full of class for families, couples, and friends. We want to develop and supply fashionable choices so that our customers will not have to choose between being fashionable, and matching their outfits to connect with the people they love.